#12 Calling BS on Anti-Braille

Day # 12, Today I’m calling “BS” on anti-Braile. Did you know that less than 10% of blind students are learning Braille today? That means that 90% of blind children will graduate illiterate. Exploring Braille is important for young children. I have Braille labels all over my house. Sighted children see words everywhere so I put…


#10 Funny

Prompt #10 is to post something funny. It just so happens that Thomas woke up with a hysterical hair-do the other day. Take a look.

Everyone should wake up this pleasant.

Hair tamed (after much combing, wetting and product) and ready for school.

#9 A Care Package

Another good prompt from the blogging challenge!Create a care package for a family with a newly diagnosed blind child. Oh, the things I wish I had known three years ago… Some things you just have to experience for yourself to understand. Having a baby with uncertain health and a disability was an experience that I…


#5 Three Things

Day number five tells me to blog about three things that I am thankful for, excited about, or inspired by. Thankful for every holiday we celebrate! #1ThankfulI am thankful that Halloween was a great experience for Tommy this year. We have missed some holidays and family celebrations due to surgeries or illness over the years.…


#4 How Do I Decide What To Share?

Day 4 of the blogging challenge asks, “How Do I Decide What To Share?” HelpfulI try to share information I think will be helpful to other families. There really aren’t that many families with blind children around that I can call for advice. I couldn’t just ask another mom I know about their child’s recovery…


#3 Music Together

 Hellooooooooooo Everybody! We purchased Music Together classes for Tom with the money he received from his birthday. Best. Idea. Ever. So what is Music Together? Tom even feels musical pre-surgery! “Music Together is an internationally recognized early childhood music and movement program for children from birth through age seven – and the grownups who love…