Tommy with his Uggly Pugg Dog.

Great Toys for Blind Children – Holiday 2013

Here’s the list of Great Toys for Blind Children – Thomas Marshall Does It All! Great Toys for Young Blind Children Holiday 2013 I get lots of questions about what toys and gifts we are buying for Tommy. I updated my Amazon wish list and I described some toys we already have down below. But…


Tommy and Mommy!

Interview with Low Vision Bureau Podcast

A couple weeks ago I had an interview with Alvaro from the Low Vision Bureau Podcast. Alvaro runs a podcast about low vision and blindness that aims to raise awareness and share information among the community. Alvaro himself has low vision and wants to empower others in the low vision/blindness community around the world. It…


photo of braille resources

Braille for Breakfast

A couple weeks ago there was a meeting at Tommy’s school for the parents of children who will be learning Braille. They had a table filled with books, puzzles and other Braille teaching aides. There were two teachers and five parents/family members so we got lots of time to ask questions about our children. Is…