#12 Calling BS on Anti-Braille

Day # 12,¬†Today I’m calling “BS” on anti-Braile. Did you know that less than 10% of blind students are learning Braille today? That means that 90% of blind children will graduate illiterate. Exploring Braille is important for young children. I have Braille labels all over my house. Sighted children see words everywhere so I put…


#10 Funny

Prompt #10 is to post something funny. It just so happens that Thomas woke up with a hysterical hair-do the other day. Take a look.

Everyone should wake up this pleasant.

Hair tamed (after much combing, wetting and product) and ready for school.

#9 A Care Package

Another good prompt from the blogging challenge!Create a care package for a family with a newly diagnosed blind child. Oh, the things I wish I had known three years ago… Some things you just have to experience for yourself to understand. Having a baby with uncertain health and a disability was an experience that I…


#8 Designing a Hospital Room

This is an intriguing idea. Today I am using the blogging challenge prompt: Design your own hospital room. Let me play you something new. My Ideal Hospital Room has.. Private Rooms¬†– All hospital rooms should be private. It’s hard enough to have a family member in the hospital, but having to share that time with…