#15 Why Healthcare Companies/Professionals Use Social Media?

Welcome to day #15 of the blogging challenge! Today’s topic is:  Why Healthcare Companies/Professionals Should Use Social Media The healthcare industry has to be on social media because everyone else is already there. People expect to be able to access information at any time. Having a social media presence on Facebook is now as important as…


#14 How to Deal with Negative Feedback from the Community

Today is day #14 of the blogging challenge! Today’s prompt is: “How to Deal with Negative Feedback from the Community.” Give me your comments. I can take em’! I have been pretty lucky so far. I have never really gotten “slapped down” by the blindness community. I do find myself aligning more with the NFB (National…


#12 Calling BS on Anti-Braille

Day # 12, Today I’m calling “BS” on anti-Braile. Did you know that less than 10% of blind students are learning Braille today? That means that 90% of blind children will graduate illiterate. Exploring Braille is important for young children. I have Braille labels all over my house. Sighted children see words everywhere so I put…


#10 Funny

Prompt #10 is to post something funny. It just so happens that Thomas woke up with a hysterical hair-do the other day. Take a look.

Everyone should wake up this pleasant.

Hair tamed (after much combing, wetting and product) and ready for school.

#9 A Care Package

Another good prompt from the blogging challenge!Create a care package for a family with a newly diagnosed blind child. Oh, the things I wish I had known three years ago… Some things you just have to experience for yourself to understand. Having a baby with uncertain health and a disability was an experience that I…