This article is aimed at entrepreneurs. Maybe you feel tired, exhausted, frustrated, that success is slow to come … As most successful tycoons and entrepreneurs say, failure is an inseparable part of success. Who does not try does not fail and blah blah blah.

But while you can know all this, there are days when , no matter how many motivational phrases you read, you are not enough to find strength. If you are in this situation, this post is for you:

If I talk about this issue it is because like you, I am also an entrepreneur and I also know what it is to have a really bad time. We all make mistakes or certain decisions do not go as expected, either because someone fails us or something changes in the market or simply a lack of experience could make us believe that something was one way and then it turned out to be another …

It also often happens that on a day-to-day basis, an entrepreneur works long hours and months and even years may pass in which financial stability is not achieved , and any economic blow from an unexpected payment can knock down our morale. that while you may see yourself as a friend who has a steady and stable job, receives his salary every month, lives well, calmly, with his routines, his little trips … you while working twice and with constant uncertainty, without being able to give you even a few weeks off. Worth?

This is the path of the entrepreneur, a very personal choice that must be made. Very hard at the beginning, but if you work on your mentality and perseverance, it ends up paying off. When you do , the satisfaction will be a thousand times greater than that of someone with their stable job. Because it will be something that you have built , which will also most likely end up giving you a much higher quality of life, financial and time freedom that others will envy.

This is like who goes to the gym every day. We train the mind. Day by day with this hard effort that we make, we get to know each other thoroughly, we learn at accelerated marches, each difficulty becomes a challenge that makes us grow and be stronger. The important thing is not to stop.

For me, only those who never dared to try or those who give up are a failure. If you are trying and do not give up, you can never be a failure but simply, you are a traveler to your destination.